Our first holiday pics :)

It’s way too wintry cold to go anywhere at the minute, so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a blog post reminiscing about our first ever holiday together back in March 2009. We went to Cheddar and Bristol Zoo. Cheddar is such a beautiful place, we’d definitely go again :)


While down South, we also visited Bristol Zoo, it’s a great place to visit! The fruit bats live in a custom built enclosure that you can actually walk through, and they fly above your head!

We’d love to go back to Bristol Zoo one day, it was a great day out and I highly recommend it to anyone if you’re in the area 🙂

Hello world!

Well, hello there!

I know that I am already featured on I don’t know how many profiles and websites by now, but I decided that I’d like a blog also. This is because I seem to have a lot of random thoughts that go through my mind, and what better way to share them, than to blog them, eh? 🙂