My weight loss prep so far…

I am already getting into this weight loss thing, and it’s not even Thursday yet! Yes, I am still eating the leftover biscuits from Christmas, but I think because I know that I’ll be giving them up from Thursday onwards, it’s like a last hurrah. And do you know something? I’m not even sad, or upset, or even bothered! Which just shows that I have made the right decision at the right time.

So many times in the past I have tried to lose weight and be healthy, but it was always a half-hearted attempt where I lasted two weeks maximum before the call of the chocolate was too much, “Jenny, join us, it’s our life’s purpose for you to eat us…” Hmph.

As well as having sugar issues with insulin resistance, I’m also lactose intolerant so I have to be careful about how much dairy I eat, which will probably be helpful with the dieting as it means restricting ice cream, cheese and chocolate anyway!

I’ve found loads of low-GI recipes online so far, and not all of them involve me having an store account with a health food shop, which is a relief! So roll on Thursday, I can’t wait to get started! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “My weight loss prep so far…

    1. Yes, it sounds like a plan! I know that I’ll be more likely to stick to it if I know others are losing weight also. It’s great to know that we’ll be healthier by this time next year πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya! Yes, all ok thanks, which I’m surprised at. It helps me that I have cottage cheese with pineapple on my jacket potatoes as they’re sweet and it feels like a treat! Are you dieting? x

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