#ThinThursday – 24th January 2013

I know, it’s not Thursday, but I didn’t get the chance to get online on Thursday as I have been exhausted since moving house last weekend. I ended up getting ill last Friday as lugging heavy boxes up and down stairs while the sky throws cold snow at you tends to result in a nasty cold, which is not helpful when moving! We are still unpacking, but we are nearly done now, phew!

I did manage to get weighed on Thursday morning and I was happy to find that I’d lost 5lbs in my first week of trying! We were guilty of eating a lot of convenience “stick ’em in the oven” foods living in the flat, but we started on our healthy regime early this week, and it appears to have paid off.

I went shopping on Friday evening for our food shopping, and for once I was really proud when I looked down in the trolley and saw fruit, veg, brown bread, etc as usually the trolley’s full of naughty crap. I had to pick up some crisps and sausage rolls, and I actually felt disappointed that they were going to ruin the healthy aesthetic of my trolley, so I really HAVE turned a corner! :S

Only 5 sleeps until my next weigh-in, and (pardon the pun), I can’t wait! 🙂


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