#ThinThursday – 31st January 2013


Well, I wasn’t expecting it, but I have lost another 2lbs! That makes 7lbs in two weeks, yay!

I have stuck to the same foods daily really:

30g Tesco Fruit & Fibre

1 x 125ml carton Alpro Soya yoghurt (instead of pouring milk on)
1x banana

1x wholemeal baton
2x Laughing Cow Light cheese triangles
7x cherry tomatoes
1/3 cucumber
3x thin slices ham

1x large jacket potato
10g butter (we don’t eat margarine)
100g Tesco Value cottage cheese and pineapple
3x thin slices ham

and plenty of water! Though today I didn’t have the banana, but I did have two apples!

I know that you’re supposed to exercise when you’re healthy eating, but work is going through a really busy period, plus I am doing so much book promotion admin in the evenings that exercise has fallen way down on my daily ‘to do’ list. When we get to the middle of February, I will have been dieting for a month, so I will try and organise some exercise for then… 😀

I have found that once I’ve gone ‘cold turkey’ from sugar for a few days, because my sugar levels have calmed down, I no longer crave sugar. Take that insulin resistance! Pow! 😀


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