#ThinThursday – 7th February 2013

Well, it’s that time of the week again… I got weighed this morning and I have maintained but still a 7lbs loss in 3 weeks, instead of 2 weeks, which people seem to be happier with, “the slower you lose it, the more likely it is to stay off” they tell me. Hopefully!

No big changes this week, though I did comfort buy and eat some (hmm, like 12) chocolate biscuits on Monday, but that’s the first fall off the chocolate wagon in 3 weeks so I’m not going to cry about it!

Work’s still super busy at the moment so still no exercise opportunity, but I promise, it IS on my to do list!

Here’s to another weight loss week, hopefully it’ll be better news next week! 🙂


10 thoughts on “#ThinThursday – 7th February 2013

  1. My mom lost 20 kg (44 lbs!) in the course of 1,5 year, and she always says “there are no nevers in a good diet”. No worries about them cookies, happiness comes before numbers.

      1. She did have to pull every bit of will power out of her.. But now she’s in the habit of it and she really doesn’t want any more. That’s the beauty of healthy dieting; it becomes natural and automatic! Hang in there 😉

      2. Aw thank you. I’ve heard that eventually you don’t think of it as dieting, more as an healthier lifestyle. I’m not quite there yet though lol Thank you for telling me her story, it’s really helped me to re-focus 🙂

      3. Aw, you’re making me blush! I have faced many demons in my life that have made me the positive person I am at 34, and my husband is the main reason I am so happy, he is my best friend, my soul mate and the reason I am here. Being married is like the biggest gift, I am so blessed to have him. That sounds so mushy! I’m excited for your wedding day, it’s not long now 😀 x

      4. Haha mushy is good, no worries. We’re TERRIBLE when we’re alone (don’t tell anyone I said that).

      5. I phrased that wrong (I’m supertired lol). I meant, “I don’t know what you look like, but your inner beauty seems to glow like a supernova”.

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