1994 baby!

While I’ve been online, feeling sorry for myself with this stupid poorliness, I have been having a retro flashback on YouTube, so here are my favourites that made the Top 10 in 1994: a year when I turned 16, the possibilities seemed endless and the summer was actually hot 😀

D:Ream – Things Can Only Get Better
I was lucky enough to see D:Ream live in Leeds back in the day and it was an amazing gig.


Take That – Everything Changes
I have been a massive fan of Take That since I was 12 in 1991 and my local radio station, Radio Aire, ran a competition to win a signed 7″ vinyl single of “Do What U Like” and I won. One of my biggest regrets is that I have no idea where the signed single is now. Kids – take care of your stuff! Robbie was always my favourite, with his cheeky chappy ways, so this is one of my favourite Take That videos.

Bad Boys Inc – More To This World
Bad Boys Inc were another cute boy band around in the mid-90s, giving us girls even more eye candy on the front covers of Smash Hits, Big, Just Seventeen, Mizz or More! magazines.


Let Loose – Crazy For You
I remember seeing Let Loose live at Party In The Park in Leeds in 1994 and the crowd went mad for them. As we were leaving the venue, they drove past us on the road and waved to us from the back of their van. I have been telling anyone that story as soon as Let Loose is mentioned for years as it was one of the biggest moments of my teens! The song hasn’t aged a day and it’ll always be a classic for many people of my generation 😀


PJ & Duncan AKA – Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble
No cheesy 1994 list would be complete without a bit of PJ & Duncan from back in the day. I loved Byker Grove and felt genuinely sad when PJ was blinded in that infamous paintballing incident. This is a classic video, but nowhere as cheesy as “Eternal Love”…


Zig & Zag – Them Girls
I’ve worked with someone who genuinely had no clue as to who Zig & Zag are. They also didn’t know who Robson & Jerome are or what The Big Breakfast was so that was a fun conversation which made me feel like I was about 100! The Big Breakfast was a lovely way to wake up on a morning, as when you switched your TV on, you felt like you were being entertained by your mates as Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen (my preferred pairing) were really inclusive to you as a viewer whereas some (shall remain nameless) shows make you feel like they’re having a secret laugh behind your back, but through the camera lens, AND getting paid for it! Zig & Zag were excellent interviewers, asking such in-depth questions as “who was the first boy you ever kissed?” (to Pamela Anderson), and commenting to Michael Parkinson, “You’ve got hairs in your ears, Mr. Parkinson” (Zig). I may actually go and do a The Big Breakfast post now, as it rocked!

2 thoughts on “1994 baby!

    1. Thank you! It was fun going back to the videos, some of which I hadn’t heard in years. I am feeling a little better today, I just wish I could stop sneezing and that my appetite would come back! Enjoy your listens 😀

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