Why I love reading other people’s blog posts

It hadn’t really occured to me until today why I like reading other people’s blog posts so much. Years ago, blogs were seen as a bit nerdy or “let me tell you all about me, me, me….” but now they are cool, and you’re uncool if you don’t have one. A bit like the internet. I started using the internet at the beginning of 1999, and back then only “geeks and perverts” used the internet. Now, you’re strange if you DON’T regularly surf the web. Ah well.

It’s not a secret, but we don’t shout about it either, but my husband Michael has a brain injury, which he got from a car accident in 2009 when someone drove into the back of our car on the motorway. Although he wasn’t affected physically (we know it could have been a much worse outcome), he has sustained a traumatic brain injury that has affected our lives constantly every day since. He’s no longer able to work in a traditional job as too much noise, colours, sounds and strangers fills his head up and he becomes “full”, leaving him with a thousand yard stare, and you have to leave him in a quiet room alone for a bit so that he can “unfill” his head. When I go into a shop, I don’t register every colour, label, noise from people talking, the shop’s PA system or cheesy music being piped out, but Michael’s brain tries to process literally EVERY piece of information it is presented with, leaving him exhausted, confused and bewildered. In the early days after the accident, it led to me actually having to lead him round the shop like a toddler, because everything overwhelmed him so much. Now, he stays in the car, and I do the shopping, which at least means that he’s spared the Saturday shoppers!

One of the downsides of his brain injury is that we opted a long time ago to not leave the house on weekends, as Michael having to take me to and from work 5 days a week is enough of a bind on him. Us staying in for 2 days a week gives him a rest and he can relax with me. Before the car accident, we’d only been going out for 8 months and because I lived in Leeds and he lived in Liverpool, we would do touristy things together at weekends, because of course we had no idea that that lifestyle would be short-lived, and that the accident would come along and literally turn our lives upside down. So, because we have basically dropped out of the world, I must admit that I miss going to new places, being touristy and discovering what the big wide world has to offer. I’m only human. And I realised today that that’s why I love reading other people’s blog posts: because it reminds me that there is a world outside our home and the posts make me smile, rather than be jealous or sad (which used to happen all the time).

We have had 3 house moves in the last 12 months (a long, boring story!), my office job has been ridiculously busy and we have been working so much on getting Michael’s books ready for the printers, plus all of the book promotion I do daily, but now that we are settled home-wise and the books are here from the printers, life should calm down and we can start planning on going out again. We don’t want to be MIA anymore, and we are aware that going out will make Michael “full”, but we want to rejoin the world again 🙂


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