To tattoo or not to tattoo….?

I was always one of those people who said I didn’t fancy a tattoo. Then one day in 2007, inspiration hit, and I found myself booking an appointment to get one done and I haven’t looked back since. My first tattoo is on the back of my neck and is just ‘carpe diem’ in black italics. It was over really quickly but it hurt SO much! I was digging my fingernails into my palm to stop me from turning around and telling the guy to stop. I’m really glad I carried on as I love my tattoo as I have always loved the phrase carpe diem.

I decided to get a second tattoo after I had met Michael. It’s our wedding date with our initials, stars and a heart on my wrist. I love it, but I often forget I have it and I’m left wondering why people are staring at my wrist as I wave my hands around when I’m speaking to them!

I really want a third tattoo, but I have no idea where or indeed what to get. I know that inspiration will hit me at the right time, but I’m just so impatient, I really want to know now!


4 thoughts on “To tattoo or not to tattoo….?

    1. I know a few people like that. The second one hurt much more than the first as it went on for so long. I kept having to sip cola as I felt woozy!

    1. Oh no, that wasn’t the point of the post! I think my first tattoo hurt so much because it was over so quickly.

      This is from the website
      “While it may hurt when the needle first breaks the skin, you may find that after a few minutes, the pain seems to fade. This is because the body will naturally release endorphins that dull the pain. Another thing that helps during the tattoo is the vibration. Many people who get tattoos report that the buzzing from the tattoo machine actually makes for a somewhat pleasant sensation. Other report more of a feeling of heat than pain.”

      My second one didn’t hurt like the first one at all, though the constant buzzing noise ended up being hypnotic in the end! I hope that I don’t put you off, plus you probably have a higher pain threshold than me!

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