I have a new blog!

I have always enjoyed being touristy and visiting places, and once I met Michael that enjoyment grew as we would go places together. But then his car accident and brain injury put a stop to all that and left us unable to visit anywhere because the noise of crowds, new sights, bright colours etc put too much of a load on his brain cognitively, and he would become ‘full’ in his head and need a nap. All of the new data would just be too much for him to deal with, so eventually we decided to stop going anywhere to give him the best quality of life.

We are hoping that in time he’ll be able to cope with places again as it’s been 4 years now since his brain injury and I know that people with brain injuries can still be improving years later. With this in mind, and also because I miss going to places and being all touristy, I decided to start a new blog: http://whatsonwhere.wordpress.com. Each blog post will feature an upcoming, or already ongoing, event in the UK and I will also tweet about it on my Twitter accounts: @JennyPughUK and also @WhatsOnWhereUK. If even one person pops along to an event because they read my blog post, or saw my tweet, that would make me very happy indeed 😀


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