Song Of The Day: Ane Brun – One

Michael introduced me to this. He saw it on a documentary called Kennedy’s Nuclear Nightmare. Ane is from Norway and is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. She’s recorded eight albums since 2003 and I can’t wait to listen to more of her music 🙂


My buttons are here!

As mentioned in a previous post, Jennifer at Winter Owls ( has inspired me to start being all crafty, so I ordered some supplies from eBay. My first package has already arrived! One of the things I ordered was 50g of mixed buttons in various colours and sizes for 99p. You can see them below!

All buttons 091213

I’ve picked out some favourites:
Fave buttons 091213

I’m also waiting on some sewing needles (we did have some in the house but I really wanted my own), a bag of 100 small mixed buttons and “lucky dip” vintage fabric scraps (the eBay advert says “No piece will be less than 4″ x 4″ in size, and no two pieces will be the same. All scraps of fabric will be cleaned and ironed. Lucky dip, you won’t know what you are going to receive until it arrives! We have a mixture of florals, stripes, plain fabric and many more.”)

I’m so excited for the rest of my orders to get here so that I can start to make things! 😀

Sewing and all things craft

When I was 13, my mum got pregnant with my little brother. My grandma was big into knitting, and always brought her knitting bag with her when she would come and babysit me and my other brother. I was inspired by my grandma to make a knitted blanket for my baby brother so I made knitted squares out of scrappy bits of wool, and eventually I sewed it together. I was really pleased with it and I was so proud when we used it to keep my brother all toasty warm. That was 22 years ago now, and I have no idea where that blanket is now 😦

Unfortunately, life got in the way, and my interest in making craft-type things had to take a backseat. It was still firmly on the backseat until I saw a post by Jennifer at Winter Owls ( where she had made some really cute animal brooches with material and buttons she had in her collection. She has inspired me to start making craft things again and I’m really looking forward to going to the craft shop in town and buying my first supplies, I’ve already got so many ideas for things to make! Plus, I’m looking forward to sharing them on my blog. I’m so grateful that I saw Jennifer’s post 😀