Bring on the winter, whoop whoop!

I was talking to a friend over Facebook earlier and I started to get really excited about the fact that we are now the right side of the August Bank Holiday. By “right side” I mean heading towards Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and getting to wear thick tights again, which thrilled me more than anything! I think it’s because I was born in November that makes me hate the summer with such a passion.

–  You can’t sleep because it’s too hot
– If you have your bedroom windows open as wide as possible, all manor of unidentifiable flying buzzing insects take it that your house is now open for visitors
– If you try and eat ‘al fresco’, then you end up with protein you didn’t ask for (insects again…)
– As soon as you get out of the shower, you feel so sweaty that you mightn’t have bothered

I think this BuzzFeed article pretty much sums it up for me, with moving pictures too!


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