2015 resolutions, a list

Well, Bonfire Night is pretty much over now (it’s currently 22:19), so it’s onwards and upwards towards Christmas and New Year. As much as I love Christmas, I especially love new year. I love the promise of a new year. I love the fact that you have no idea what exciting things will come your way in the next 365 days. I love that the year you’re leaving is behind you, and any negative things that happened can be laid to rest and you can move on (or try to move on, depending on how negative a thing it was).

The first 6 months of this year were really difficult for me as a good friend of mine, who I had known for 25 years since I was 10 years old, died of cancer, leaving her two young children behind. It was such an unnecessary loss of life, of a woman with so much more life to give. Of someone who really didn’t deserve it. A couple of years ago she made me some Santa Christmas decorations, and I will hang them on my tree with a smile on my face every Christmas to come, as she always made me smile and meant so much to me.

There are a few things that I’d like to achieve in 2015, and I shall list them for you now:

Pass my driving test
I have failed three times in the past; September 2007, October 2007 and you guessed it, November 2007. I had re-booked it for New Year’s Eve in 2007 but I was so emotionally exhausted from failing three months in a row that I just couldn’t face it again. I love driving, and I know that I’m good it, but I’m just really bad at passing the test. Annoyingly I failed the last test on the way back to the test centre!

Lose weight and get down to 12 stones/size 16
I have been a yo-yo dieter pretty much my whole life. At 17, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and so began a lifelong struggle with sugar and insulin resistance. I know that there is a certain irony that I’m drinking hot chocolate as I type this! It’s still 2014 so I’m enjoying it while I can because come 31st December, I’m no longer going to be a slave to the sugar. I turn 36 this year, and my body is not getting any younger. It can no longer cope with sugar rushes and sugar crashes, just because I was weak and gave into the sugar cravings. I know I’ll miss sugar, but I’d prefer to not develop late onset diabetes, thank you very much. Plus, I’m sick of looking like my t-shirts were sprayed on in summertime because I insist on wearing size 16’s even though I’m a size 18 (read: size 20 in denial….).

Start yoga
This kind of ties in with the above. I shared a yoga infographic on here earlier, and I like the fact that it has so many health benefits, such as less chance of heart disease, increased lung capacity (I had a bad chest infection 9 years ago, so any lung improvement I will gladly take!) and it also helps digestion which is something I welcome as I am lactose intolerant, and have a hernia which stops me eating all kinds of things (even though I still eat them, shhhh) so my digestion could do with a lot of support! It sounds like an all-round fantastic investment of time.

So, these are mine so far. Do you have any resolutions planned?


5 thoughts on “2015 resolutions, a list

  1. So sorry to hear about your dear friend Jenny. I had a similar experience this year with a friend that died from Motor Neurone disease, so I understand how you feel. It’s lovely that you are going to hang the special decorations on your tree every year and I love that you will do so with a smile. xx

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