Desserts from my childhood

I have to be honest and say that I have been inspired to write this post because of my friend Nostalgia Pie‘s blog post Old-Skool Ice-Cream Flavours! I was writing in the comments that when we kids we used to eat neopolitan ice cream slices (from an ice cream block) between two ice cream wafers, which was known in our house as an “ice cream sandwich”. This got me to thinking about other desserts that we had growing up, and here we are!

Apple Charlotte
Now, from having a look around Google, it would appear that Apple Charlotte is actually a completely different pudding! The Apple Charlotte online uses bread as an ingredient, whereas my Apple Charlotte didn’t. It actually looked like the below:

Apple CharlotteThe way my mum made it was to layer the bottom of a bowl with canned apples (I think they were puréed). She would then make up some Dream Topping for the middle layer. The top layer was cornflakes mixed with golden syrup. I remember it went in the fridge for some length of time, which as a child just seemed aaaaaages! So, I have no idea what mine was called, but it was decadently delicious!

Arctic roll
Arctic roll was a roll of ice cream (we only ever had vanilla) which was wrapped in sponge with some raspberry sauce between the sponge and the ice cream. To make it last, as it was a treat, we had the thinnest slices going, so if I had some now, I think I’d probably try and eat at least quarter of it in one go!

Before I started researching for this blog post, I hadn’t even known that this pudding had a name! The strawberry ones were my favourite. You were supposed to let them thaw a little but we could never wait and always ate them frozen, which took ages with a small spoon. It kept us quiet though 😀

I really want pudding now!


Untitled design

It feels both amazing and humbling to be alive during such a historic time as we are in now. I am, of course, referring to the fact that the US Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. This is something that has been a long time coming and it’s such a shame that so many loving couples have had to wait for so long to be granted the same benefits that straight couples are afforded.

As a pansexual woman, I’ve been the subject of abuse just for being attracted to both sexes, but as my long-term relationships have all been with men, I haven’t had the abuse that I would have received for being in relationships with women. As long as two people are happy, I have never understood why it is the business of anyone else’s.

My husband, Michael, is currently undergoing transition to become a woman, and we are aware that we are going to face all kinds of abuse and have to deal with people with different beliefs to us with regards to trans issues. It’s great to have role models in the public eye such as Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, and I hope that more people who identify as having gender dysphoria feel more empowered to seek the support that they need to enable them to move their lives forward and finally be able to be happy.

I’ve loved reading all of the #LoveWins articles online, but I really loved this one: Love wins: America celebrates same-sex marriage ruling – in pictures so much. You don’t need words to see how much the law changing means to people, and their happiness is truly deserved. They are proof that love wins.

Retro flashback sticker time for Throwback Thursday!

I recently had a conversation in work with a friend about the magazines that were available to buy when we were younger, like Mizz, More!, Fast Forward, Big! Magazine, Look-In, Smash Hits, Just Seventeen/J17 and TV Hits. I remembered that I have an A4 lever arch folder that I’ve since I was a teenager and it’s covered with stickers from the magazines mentioned above. I’ve taken photos to show you so that you can also enjoy a trip down memory lane, or if you’re a lot younger than me (I’m 36), you can say, “who are they?” lol

The front of the folder
The front of the folder
Back of the folder
Back of the folder
Inside left of the folder
Inside left of the folder
Inside right of the folder
Inside right of the folder

And now for the lettered stickers! I don’t seem to have any images for I, Q, V, X or Y…
























I used to have paper-rounds when I was a teenager and I remember that I didn’t actually get paid any money by the newsagents because I had so many magazines reserved for me each week that I was literally working just to pay off my magazine bills!

Places I’d love to visit with Michael

I’m originally from Leeds, but I have lived in different places around the UK. Michael has only ever lived in Merseyside, so that still leaves quite a few places around the UK to visit. I’m not the best on planes or boats, so I’ve always been more of a UK tourist than anything else and there are so many places that Michael and I have discussed visiting over the 6 years that we’ve been together.

I have just read Paula’s post Places I want to visit and it inspired me to create a blog post of our wishlist destinations. Some of the places listed will have been visited by at least one of us and we’d like to visit together, and some will be new to both of us.


Neither of us has been to Scotland at all, so still a lot of places to go there! We’d both like to go to Edinburgh first. Michael really wants to see the castle because it’s made of granite and, like York, there’s been no attempts made to modernise it. He also wants to visit the National War Museum. I’m really excited to see the Museum of Childhood (being a massive kid myself!) and Edinburgh Zoo.


Michael wants to go to Whitby for the Whitby jet, and also because part of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was set in Whitby. I’m excited to visit Whitby Museum and Whitby’s 199 steps. I’ve heard that the view from the top is amazing, and I know that I’ll be shattered once I’ve climbed all of the steps, but I’d hate to have gone all the way to Whitby and not climbed them! Whitby Goth Weekend takes place twice yearly (April and October/November) so we’ll have to time our visit around then! They have a massive list of traders, so I think I’ll need to save up before we go 🙂


Michael wants to go to Scarborough because it’s like the “Southport of the North East coast”. I’ve been to Scarborough many times, mainly because my aunt and uncle live there. Therefore, there are places I really want to show Michael. Obviously, there are the arcade machines along the seafront (I love the 2p machines in particular!), but also Scarborough Castle, Rotunda Museum and no Scarborough visit would be complete without an ice cream sundae at Harbour Bar! It’s such a beautiful place to visit, and we will definitely hop onto one of the open top buses that run around Scarborough.

The Lake District

Michael wants to visit The Lake District as it’s an area of natural beauty. I’m really looking forward to going on a lake cruise on Ullswater lake, courtesy of Ullswater Steamers. It’s a place that neither of us have been to before, but we know so many people who have had such a great time there.

The Isle of Wight

Michael wants to visit The Isle of Wight because it’s where King Charles I was imprisoned (in Carisbrooke Castle), and he loves history. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Isle of Wight Zoo in Sandown, Seaview Wildlife Encounter in Seaview and Ryde pier, which is the oldest seaside pier in England.


Michael wants to go to Newcastle to see the Tyne Bridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Swing Bridge over the River Tyne. I’ve never been to Newcastle either, but it’s always been on my list of places to visit.


Michael has always wanted to go to Stonehenge because it’s one of the oldest man-made structures in the country. I’ve never been here either, and it would be great to see them in person.

St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

About 12 years ago, I went on holiday to Penzance, and while I was there, we took a trip over to St Agnes of the Isles of Scilly. It was so peaceful and tranquil, all you could hear was the sound of the sea and birds squawking. To not hear any traffic was so strange, but lovely at the same time. I know that dolphins have been spotted while on the boat journey over to St Agnes, so hopefully we’ll be lucky 🙂


I used to live in Brighton, and I lived there for just over a year. I moved there in the February, and even though it was freezing and there weren’t really any tourists, there were plenty of things for me and my visiting friends to do. Michael has never been, but has always wanted to go. Things I’m going to show him include Brighton Pier (especially the freshly made doughnuts!), Sea Life Brighton, Brighton Toy and Model Museum and The Lanes.

I know that that’s a long list, and I’m sure that I’ve forgotten some places (so I might end up blogging about this again!), but I’m really looking forward now to visiting all of these places.

Where would you like to visit?


Each year, beautiful white lillies grow in a long tub in our garden. They were planted by my late father-in-law over 10 years ago, and have flowered every year since. As soon as I see them starting to grow through the soil, I keep a vigilant eye on them, as lily beetles (as pretty as they are), have in the past killed off lily flowers before they’ve even had the chance to grow. I’ve tried looking up online what the point of lily beetles are, and I can’t find any positive reason for them. They seem to exist simply to kill off the lillies, which makes no sense to me at all!

I’ve been reading online about lillies (as, before I moved in with Michael in 2009, I really didn’t know much about flowers) and apparently, lily flower stems can grow up to 2 metres (6ft 7in) high, though typically grow up to 1.2 metres (3ft 11in) high. Once ours have fully grown all of their stems, I’ll measure them, but so far they are quite high already.

Lily buds and Willow tree

Lily bulbs and Sky 1

Lily bulbs and Sky 2

National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley

Recently, me and Michael went to the National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley. It’s such a lovely place to visit, and we’re so lucky to live so near it. This is from their website:

The National Wildflower Centre is a seasonal eco-visitor attraction in Knowsley – You’ll find us 5 miles (8 km) from Liverpool city centre. We showcase our natural wildflower heritage and inspire you to create new wildflower landscapes wherever you live. Our seasonal nature displays and creative community projects raise awareness about the importance of wildflowers, and encourage people to learn about creative conservation.

All the money we raise at the Centre is put back into our creative conservation founding charity Landlife. We particularly work with people with poor access in their communities to our natural environment. Just by visiting us, you can be sure you are making a valuable contribution. We are working in close partnership with Knowsley Council ‘The Wildflower Borough’, making new landscapes for communities.

Landlife’s trading enterprise Landlife Wildflowers also grows and sells native wildflower seeds, grown on its own farm. To buy online visit Landlife Wildflowers. All proceeds from the sale of goods online also support creative conservation.

We’re a creative bunch of people – And welcoming with it! Our Centre is a mix of refurbished old buildings and new architecture that look back to our conservation past – and project positive action for now and into the future. We have a lovely Cornflower Cafe, Shop and Conference venue too, amongst historical courtyards and a former walled garden space with seasonal displays.”

It really is worth visiting, and we’ll be going again soon 🙂









National Wildflower Centre
Court Hey Park
Roby Road

L16 3NA