Retro flashback sticker time for Throwback Thursday!

I recently had a conversation in work with a friend about the magazines that were available to buy when we were younger, like Mizz, More!, Fast Forward, Big! Magazine, Look-In, Smash Hits, Just Seventeen/J17 and TV Hits.Β I remembered that I have an A4 lever arch folder that I’ve since I was a teenager and it’s covered with stickers from the magazines mentioned above. I’ve taken photos to show you so that you can also enjoy a trip down memory lane, or if you’re a lot younger than me (I’m 36), you can say, “who are they?” lol

The front of the folder
The front of the folder
Back of the folder
Back of the folder
Inside left of the folder
Inside left of the folder
Inside right of the folder
Inside right of the folder

And now for the lettered stickers! I don’t seem to have any images for I, Q, V, X or Y…
























I used to have paper-rounds when I was a teenager and I remember that I didn’t actually get paid any money by the newsagents because I had so many magazines reserved for me each week that I was literally working just to pay off my magazine bills!


7 thoughts on “Retro flashback sticker time for Throwback Thursday!

  1. OMG Jenny! This brought back so many memories. During my teen years I was a magazineaholic. You wouldn’t believe the mountain of magz in my room. I collected the posters and the stickers just like you did. There are some well remembered faces from my youth: Ultimate Kaos, MN8, EYC, Dieter Brummer… Once again Jenny, you’ve inspired me.

    But I have to ask – where were the New Kids stickers? You had tons of Take That! Oh Jennnnnyyyyy!!!!

    1. Haha, I collected whatever stickers were out at the time but I think I started after New Kids slowed down being the big thing at the time. I used to love Smash Hits the most; the posters, the lyrics, the “what’s your favourite biscuit?” type questions. I’m intrigued to see what blog post you post πŸ˜€ x

      1. Well seeing as I reckon I started collecting a lot of those stickers after New Kids disbanded, I guess I’ll have to forgive you! πŸ˜‰ Smash Hits was awesome. My sis actually kept a lot of those song lyrics in a file and sometimes we’d have a little sing song. Sad I know! I’m sure she’s still got that file.

      2. Haha, I used to write the lyrics out on A4 paper and keep them in a file as I have OCD and the fact that the formatting of the lyrics from Smash Hits wasn’t uniform used to really throw me off! I was such a nerd, but your sister had the right idea πŸ˜€ xx

      3. LOL! For any lyrics we might have missed we did the A4 paper thing too – and I’m pretty sure she still has those. LOL. What are we like? Or perhaps I should say what were we like? πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I used to buy the Smash Hits even in South Africa and plaster my bedroom with the posters and stick the stickers everywhere. Some of these look remarkably familiar!

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