Dereham Windmill

I am always on the lookout for places for Michael and I to visit in the future. We’ve never been to Norfolk before but it is on our list of places to go to. I’ve always been interested in visiting attractions like lighthouses and windmills, and there’s a windmill in Norfolk that I can’t wait to visit. I love reading about history and what people’s lives were like in the past.

Dereham Windmill was built in 1836 by millwright James Hardy for Michael Hardy who was a miller and baker. It is the last of several windmills in the Dereham District. Between 1914 and 1918 it was used for grist milling, oats, barley etc. for animal feed including acorns for pigs. Wheat was no longer milled for flour. Unfortunately though, the the mill ceased working in 1937 and was derelict by 1949. In 1972, it was given a Grade II listing and in 1978 the mill bought by Breckland District Council from Greens (Nurseries) Ltd. for the princely sum of £1. The mill was opened to the public by J. O. C. Birkbeck on 14th September 1987. In 2002 the mill taken over by Dereham Town Council. The weather wasn’t kind to the mill and in 2004 the mill lost part of a sail during a gale. In 2006, the sails were removed for renovation with £600,000 Lottery Grant being applied for. In 2010, the Mill had to be boarded up and left weatherproof as all attempts at funding had failed. Between October 2011 and July 2013, funding was organised and the windmill underwent further renovation, including replacement sails. Finally, in September 2013, the windmill re-opened to public as a “Community Exhibition Centre” which includes exhibition space for local pupils’ work with information on the Windmill’s History. You can find out more about upcoming exhibitions here.

Dereham Windmill can be found at the end of Greenfields Road in Dereham, NR20 3TE

You can find out more information about the windmill at their website:


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