I’m starting my own online digital magazine!

Calling all independents
As much as celebrities can be interesting, I always found the people I follow online to be much more engaging. I’ve had the idea of starting my own online digital magazine for a while now, and I’m finally on my way! It will be a quarterly magazine and will cover different things each issue. It is called ‘Merryn’ because I think everyone needs a little joy in their life and Merryn means “joyful” in Cornish 🙂

The mission statement is to:
* to champion those independent businesses and individuals who need the support
* to feature interesting people with a different story to tell
* to feature those people who are of the “pay it forward” belief

Right now, I’m looking for people to include in issue 1, which is due out in April. So if you know anyone who is in the UK you think have a great story to tell, they can sign up at the website: http://merrynmagazine.com/

I’m looking to feature all kinds of independent people
* retailers
* artists
* writers/authors
* comedians
* musicians
* photographers
* film-makers
* theatre groups
* sports groups
* crafters
* makers or creators

So, please spread the word! Thank you 🙂 xx


25 thoughts on “I’m starting my own online digital magazine!

  1. Great idea, Jenny! I feel the same – I’m so bored with the same old – often fabricated – celebrity stories. Real life people interest me way more!

    Oh, I love the name too! Very creative!

    How will it work? I’m curious. Can bloggers send you articles that may be of interest?

    Oh, and good luck! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda, I’m very excited! I’ll have interviews and features with “indies”, but there will also be a ‘what we’ve been listening to’ section with unsigned singers, adverts, craft ideas, community projects and a whole load more! I hadn’t thought of people sending me articles, I guess as long as the people featured are in the UK, it would be great to have guest writers or features submitted by bloggers. I’m not ready to go international yet! 🙂

      1. It sounds like an amazing project! Well done you! You have obviously been working really hard. Let me know if you do decided to share articles. I’d be more than happy to get involved 🙂

        Wishing you the very best of luck with your new adventure! 🙂

      2. Thanks Amanda, I’ll be in touch, you’ve really gotten me thinking about guest bloggers and features. I’m working on it at the weekend (I work full-time so can only do it in my spare time!), so watch this space! 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. I thought your idea was good, so I was happy to pass it along.
        I would also like to talk to you about writing something for your magazine.
        I could offer a great article for you, and you could add my gentlekindnesscoaching.com details at the bottom of the article.

        We could brainstorm ideas that you want me to write about. Maybe eventually I could even write something once a month or something like that.

        I am interested in promoting my gentlekindnesscoaching site. This is holistic, healing style life coaching for victims of domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse.

        Soul sickness, PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders often result from abuse. This is important work that I feel called to do. I individualize my coaching based on the personality, beliefs, and situation of each unique client.

        You can google gentlekindnesscoaching.com to visit the site. It is still a work in progress, because I am adjusting the site as I learn more from my clients about what they need the most.

        You can email me at


      2. Hi Annie, thank you for the lovely message. I am planning out my future issues and I am thinking about how the feature will look. You are doing such a wonderful job and providing such a necessary service. I hope that you are well 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! If you ever want an author, who writes about overcoming trauma,abuse, and hardship and I’d love to contribute.
    What an awesome thing you’re doing! I’m excited to see the first issue. How cool!

      1. Haha, I hope you do become successful. There are still so many people stuck in negative relationships and situations and they really feel that for them “this is as good as it gets”. It would be such an amazing world if no-one ever felt bullied, abused or worthless. We can but hope that that day comes 🙂

    1. Thank you for the message! I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure and overcome so many negative situations, you are so brave to put your story out there to help others. I will let you know in the future if we’re going to be able to feature you, thank you so much for contacting me. Take care 🙂

      1. And you deserve it all. I thought you’d like to know I just did a post about me getting back into the swing of things fitness wise. And there’s a saucy gif featured that you’re bound to love.

  3. Wow Jenny, your magazine idea sounds fantastic! Im also sick to the back teeth of celebrities especially ones that are famous for being famous so I’m really looking forward to your magazine coming out and reading about some real and interesting people. Xxx

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