#ThrowbackThursday – 14th April 2016


I was looking through my wedding pics with a friend earlier, and we were laughing because my wedding dress was a £20 prom dress eBay purchase (my wedding shoes were £8.99 new from a charity shop!). We had an extremely small budget to work with, so I did my own make up, got a lift to the registry office off my mother-in-law (to be, at the time!) and had the reception at our house with homemade buffet food. All in all, it was a cheap, but happy day! 🙂


5 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday – 14th April 2016

  1. You know what Jenny? I really wish I’d taken your common sense approach to weddings when I got married. I bought into the whole ‘princess for a day ‘ thing and while I don’t regret going all out with my dress, I do think that the rest was an awful waste of money – and don’t get me started on unscrupulous suppliers!

    You looked beautiful on your day! xx 😊

    1. Aw thank you, and I bet you looked amazing on your day! Don’t get me wrong, if we get the chance to renew our vows again and I had the money for it, I would go all out, but maybe that’s because I was so low-key first time around. As long as you had a lovely day, the money doesn’t matter. I just didn’t have any!!!! xx

      1. I wish I did, Jenny but I was ill on my wedding day. I had a horrendous cold and I’d lost masses of weight from the stress.So no I didn’t look amazing sadly.

        As for the money, well it was all paid for by my folks which meant the day became more their vision than ours.

        I’m a little critical of our big day and there’s so much I’d change ( me being negative again!) But the best thing about the day was marrying the fella – would never change that!

        I hope you get to renew your vows. I’m dying to see what you wear for your vow renewal xxx

      2. Oh no, it sounds like your wedding day wasn’t the dreamfest it should have been. Do you think you’ll renew your vows? Then you could have your day however you wanted? xxx

      3. To be honest Jenny, I might do it if the fella and I ever have kids as it would be nice to renew our vows and recreate the day for them – but make it loads better!

        But otherwise I’m not that bothered. Although I do bring up the subject of a vow renewal because I know it’ll strike fear into his heart! Lol 😁 xxx

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