Wednesday wisdom: Aldous Huxley

So many times I have felt like a passenger in my own life. Like someone else was in charge of the driving, and I was a hapless victim, waiting to find out where we are going and feeling ambivalent about it all. I have started to realise recently that I may not be able to influence the big things in life like health issues, money issues, etc, but I actually do have some small amount of control in certain areas of my life, and it’s on those areas that I am now going to focus Β πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Wednesday wisdom: Aldous Huxley

      1. Pretty good thanks, Jenny. Just had a trip to the Lake District. Lots of blog posts about it, and photos too on my blog.
        Good luck with your new determination! x

  1. This post definitely struck a chord with me, especially as I have some very big decisions to make. But I think you’ve summed it up very well – I often feel like a passenger in my own life too. I think its time I took control of the wheel.

    Let’s hope we can both make the improvements we need to make and stop feeling liked someone else is in control xxx

      1. Thank you lovely. Nothing overly dramatic – just feelings currently associated with moving to another country and starting from scratch.

        But thank you for your kind words xxx

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