Harry Styles on Saturday Night Live

Now, there aren’t many people I would stay up for until 4:30am on a Saturday night, but that’s exactly what I did last Saturday night (15th April 2017). Why was this? It was because Harry Styles was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and because of the time difference (it started at 11:30pm in New York), it started at 4:30am in the UK.

We had heard rumours that Harry was going to appear in some skits with the host, Jimmy Fallon, and that as well as singing his first solo single, Sign Of The Times, that he would be singing a second song from him upcoming album Harry Styles. So, as you can imagine, we were all very excited!

Not only did Harry sing Sign Of The Times and Ever Since New York, he also took part in two sketches: one where he hilariously impersonated Mick Jagger in a time traveller’s edition of Family Feud (where Jimmy Fallon played both a 1977 and a 2017 version of John Travolta!), but he was also in a sketch set in the Civil War.

The feedback from non-One Direction fans has been simply amazing; so many people basically saying “I don’t like One Direction but that Harry guy can sing!” I’m so pleased for him that people are taking off their One Direction-tinted glasses and seeing what we’ve seen for the past seven years; that Harry is a talented guy with a lot more to show.

On Friday it will be three months until the release of Dunkirk, so hopefully people will go to watch it with a different idea of Harry than before. He shouldn’t be disregarded simply because he is “in a boyband”, he should be judged for the talented man he is. I know I go on about One Direction, but I feel like a proud mum a lot of the time and it’s always lovely to have positive things to say about them πŸ™‚

I’ve included the videos of Harry on Saturday Night Live below, he was simply amazing.


5 thoughts on “Harry Styles on Saturday Night Live

  1. I’m really happy for you that you got to see this. (Though maybe I would have suggested taping it, at that time i the morning) I have never been a fan of any boy band, but I also don’t knock them, as I can remember when I was young, and older people criticised the groups I liked back then. I watched him sing the new single in your clip, and it was good enough. Even if I wouldn’t buy it, I have no doubt that all his fans will love it.
    (Sooner him than Bieber!)
    Best wishes, Pete. x

    1. Haha, you made me laugh with your Bieber comment! I wanted to watch it at that time as there is a community of us on Twitter that all like One Direction, and we were all talking about it and sharing the experience, which we do whenever there’s a One Direction event on television. It’s nice being a part of something like that; talking with like-minded people. One Direction are my only real hobby as I work so much, the rest of the time. Who did you like back in the day? x

      1. It a long way back to my day, but I was pretty much a Soul and Motown boy. Later on, I liked Van Morrison, David Bowie, Madonna, Billie Ray Martin, and many more. I was even quite partial to Britney Spears! My real favourite band was Swing Out Sister though. x

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