Monday Motivation – 24th April 2017

I saw this quote online earlier and it really resonated with me. The past few years have been really hard for me, for lots of different reasons, and one thing people tend to say to me is that I always seem to find a positive out of negative situations. I guess I’ve always been like this.

When I worked in a shop when I was 19, a surly man I worked with hated my positive attitude and once snapped, “I bet you’d find something positive to say about a pile of shit!” I said, “You could put it on roses?” and he walked away. He didn’t challenge my positive attitude after that, he simply avoided talking to me if at all possible. I guess he was just happy being a negative person, and so he found it difficult to talk to me.

I think there are times when you can sink or swim; I think I’m one of life’s swimmers. I know that when life is hard, it’s so easy to just give in and let the despair wash over you like the tide on a beach. I wish I had some magic formula to give you in times of hardship, but I don’t. I guess you have to find whatever works for you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – 24th April 2017

  1. As you know, I am being positive, in 2017. After a lifetime of negativity, being positive is definitely an improvement.
    I think you have done very well to rise above the problems you have faced. I have had two failed marriages, a few failed relationships, and a poor self-image for decades. But I am still here, married for the third time, and enjoying the interaction with my blogging friends.
    I have no idea why I like you so much, but I really do. Maybe it was the dark tights, or sitting on the elephant, or your friendly smile. Could be all three combined.
    But perhaps it was feeling that positive attitude from deep inside you. I’m going with that.
    As ever, Pete. xx

    1. Haha, that bloody elephant, you’re obsessed! Maybe it’s my sunny disposition 🙂 Sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad run, but I am happy to hear that you’re having a better time of it now xx

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