I can’t believe I turn 40 soon! *help*

Well, it’s only a few weeks now until I turn 40! I had so many things planned to achieve before I was the big 4-0, but life situations and ill health have held a lot of them back. Life (and health) is better now so I am looking forward to achieving many things in my 40’s!

9 thoughts on “I can’t believe I turn 40 soon! *help*

  1. It’s not as bad as you think. For one thing, you don’t look it. And for another, once you are 41, 40 doesn’t seem that bad at all. 🙂
    Happy Birthday for a few weeks time, and best wishes.
    Pete. x

  2. Hi Jenny. I turn 40 in September. Like you, there are always hurdles to over come, regrets and doubts. Sure it will be a great year for you both. I am now a follower too.

    1. Hi Pete, sorry has it really been that long?! I did give up blogging for a long time because I was throwing myself 100% into Merryn and that took up all of my time. I’ve recently put Merryn on hiatus as I wanted to have a life for a bit, so here I am; ready to blog again! I hope you’re well x

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