I’ve got a Liebster Award!

liebster-award-10Thank you so much to the lovely Vinnie for my Liebster Award! It’s always an honour to get an award from my blogging peers 🙂

The rules of the Liebster Award are, you answer the questions posed to you by the person who nominated you, you think up 11 questions and pose them to 11 of your chosen blogs. I have no idea why it’s 11 questions and blogs, but I’ve usually seen it to be 11. I like to read the answers to the questions other people have asked, it’s a great way to learn more about the people you follow and leads onto all kinds of conversations 🙂

So, here are the questions Vinnie posed to me:

1. What do you find most beneficial about being a blogger?
I actually wrote this answer after writing number 6 as I’d originally skipped it, so now I know that it gives me the opportunity to just chill out and read some amazing blog posts by clever and funny people 🙂

2. What are your views on nudism?
I used to live in Brighton and they have a nudist beach and it never bothered me. I think it’s great that there are nudist camps where nudists can just be themselves without worrying about complaints or the police trying to arrest them.

3. Have you ever gone to see a movie that you were too young to watch at the time?
No, I am so dull! I would never have dared try in case my mum found out. I’d have been for the high jump if she did!

4. If you could date a Hollywood star, who would it be?
Before I was happily married, I would have said Channing Tatum. I love Step Up, he’s so good in that.

5. If you were the supreme ruler of a country, what would be the first law you would pass?
That people had to be nicer/more helpful/more supportive/any positive trait really, or they’d be thrown in jail. I know that’s unrealistic as how would you even police that? There doesn’t need to be the amount of murders, burglaries, crimes, etc. that there are daily, it’s so sad to constantly read negative news in the, erm, news. I love blogs like Kindness Blog, they share the most inspirational stories, guaranteed to make you smile. And cry.

6. What do you consider to be the best thing about your blog?
Another hard question! I don’t really think about my blog. I think because I run so many other websites; for Michelle’s books, for the magazine, for events and attractions, this blog is my downtime blog, where I get to chat about what films I’ve seen, or music I like, or “it’s hug your cat day!” type posts! So I guess the best thing is, it helps me chill out after a crazy day at work before I start working on all of my other websites! Thanks Vinnie, I hadn’t thought of it like that before!

7. Do you believe in the supernatural or paranormal?
I do believe in the supernatural and paranormal. I had to look up what the difference was and I still don’t fully understand it. I have experienced things in the past I couldn’t explain away and I sometimes feel like I pick up ‘messages’ for people. I don’t exactly hear a ‘message’ as clearly as someone verbally delivering it, it’s a weird intuition. A lot of my ‘messages’ for people have come true, I have quite a high hit rate. I have no idea what it is though.

8. Where is your dream destination for a holiday?
Believe it or not, with all of the places we can travel to, it’s Brighton. I lived there for just over a year a long time ago, and of all of the places I have lived (I am now living in my 7th city), Brighton was hands down my ultimate favourite. It’s such a great place to live, there’s always something going on. I moved there in a very cold February, and even though it’s by the seaside, there was plenty going on. From eating freshly cooked doughnuts on the pier, to going to the aquarium, to going shopping in The Lanes and Churchill Square, Brighton is a great place for a holiday and if I ever won the lottery, I’d buy a house there in a second.

9. What is the first horror movie you recall viewing?
The People Under the Stairs (1991) when I was around 14. I had a small portable TV in my bedroom, and it was on Channel 4 as part of some horror season, it may have been around Halloween. I shouldn’t have watched it, it really freaked me out. I can’t even discuss the plot here. If you don’t know it, Google it, you’ll find out all about it! I also saw The Poseidon Adventure (1972) when I was about 7, but only the part after the water comes in. That actually gave me a lifelong phobia of boats and ferries!

10. If you had a magic power, what would it be?
To remove the calories from chocolate. That would be awesome!

11. And finally, what do you believe the future holds for you?
Wow, happy stuff, I hope. The last 6 years since Michelle got her brain injury in the car accident have been so hard, I really hope that our luck is turning. My magazine comes out in April so I’m hoping that people get behind it and spread the word. I’d love to do that, and the events website, full-time, so you never know!

Thanks for those great questions Vinnie, I had fun answering them.

Now it’s time for me to nominate 11 great blogs (though I could only choose 8!):
Nanny Cool
Abbi Osbiston
Cinema Parrot Disco
Mr Rumsey’s Film Related Musings
Nostalgia Pie
Squibb Vicious
Steve Says…

My questions for the lucky 8 who choose to accept my challenge are below:

1. Which film do you think everybody should see, and why?
2. If money were no object, what would you do with your time?
3. Do you have any funny responses when you receive spam phonecalls?
4. Is there any animal that you’d like as a pet, but can’t because they’re not really ‘in the house’ pets?
5. If a film was being made about your life, what would they call it and who would you want to play you?
6. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
7. What was your favourite place that you’ve ever been?
8. What’s your favourite quote?
9. What was the first record/cassette/CD/download single you ever bought?
10. What do you love most about where you live?
11. What made you start blogging?

So, I hope you enjoyed my blog post and good luck to my nominees!


Liebster Award


Thank you so much to restinbitchface for the nomination, I love your blog. So many people seem to edit their life on WordPress/Twitter/Facebook/social media into one big happy life so it’s refreshing to find a blog where someone says, “this is me.” I love reading your posts.

You need to answer 11 Questions as asked by a Liebster awarder, then Give 11 facts about yourself, then also supply 11 questions to your nominated Liebster Award Receivers.

The 11 questions from restinbitchface are:

1. If you could give your younger self a bit of advice, what would it be and why?
Don’t stress! I used to worry what people thought of me so much so that I used to each my lunch in the toilets in whatever job I was working in because I’ve always been overweight, and let’s face it; people don’t want to see fat people eat, do they? It took me until I was in my mid-20’s before I could eat properly in public. Sometimes I’ll be eating at my desk at work now and I’ll remember that feeling and it just doesn’t compute. I couldn’t imagine doing that now. Besides, it’s not very hygienic! I’m 36 now and I love having that feeling of, “I don’t care what you think”. It’s so freeing.

2. If you had to go into a Nuclear Bunker, what would be the 5 things you take in with you?
a) ooh, well, my husband Michael for one! I’d miss him so much if I left him behind

b) enough food and drink that we’d survive
c) my friends and family as we’d miss them too much too
d) a first aid kit to keep everyone safe and well
e) tools because you never know when you may need tools

3. Reading books or a kindle (tablet type gadget)?
Ooh, a tricky one for me as our books are available in both paperback and Kindle. We did try paperback only, but people complained that they wanted to read them on Kindle so once Amazon changed their tax tactics (try saying that fast!), we put them back on Kindle. I personally prefer paperbacks as I love their smell, the feel of the book, the bookmark sticking out of the end of the book signalling how far you’ve read and how long’s left. I love bookshops too. You couldn’t replicate an online only store in bricks and mortar, it wouldn’t feel the same.

4. Dinner in or Dinner out?
I’d have to say dinner in. Since Michael got his brain injury from a car accident in 2009, he hasn’t really been able to eat while in noisy, busy or unfamiliar places. When we’re out and about, we tend to get sandwich meal deals and eat them in the car, and that’s romantic enough for me 🙂

5. What’s your favourite meal?
I love mexican food; nachos, chimichangas, tacos, burritos and fajitas, and there has to be jalapenos! I think my favourite Mexican dish is chilli topped nachos. I want some now!

6. If you could change one aspect of society, what would it be and why?
That everyone would treat everyone else fairly and equally. Thin people aren’t “better” than fat people because they’re thin for example. Everyone is equal for what they contribute to society, and if everyone’s contribution was positive, just imagine what kind of world we’d live in. Sometimes when I get a bit “isn’t the world an awful place”, I take a look at websites like Kindness Blog, TED Talks and Huffington Post’s Good News and I feel a lot better.

7. If you could send a message into Space, what would it say?
I’d ask for aliens to come and make society more economically and politically equal, and give us their take on religion!

8. What is your favourite thing to do on a stormy night?
Sit with Michael, all snuggled up and watch the rain 🙂

9. What do you do to cope with stressful situations?
I used to eat to be honest. I was always an emotional eater, and I think some of that came from having PCOS with regards to it being sugary food. Now, I try and think about what part of the situation is making me stressed and see if I can change it. If I can’t change it, I try and just deal with it. I love the Reinhold Niebuhr quote, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” I’m not a religious person but this is how I deal with things now.

10. If you could change anything about your past, would you and why?
Not a thing from before I was 30. I have realised many, many times that if I had passed my driving test (I failed 3 times and I still don’t have a driving licence, only a provisional), changed jobs at all, made any other decision than the ones I did, then I probably wouldn’t have met Michael. I met him when I was 30 years and 26 days old so anything before then; no. Since I met Michael? Loads! I haven’t dealt with life situations very well in the last 5 years, but I have really turned that around in the last 6 months.

11. If you could have a meal with 11 (going with the theme here) people, dead or alive, who would they be and why
Good question!

– Michael, it wouldn’t be the same without him there
– Paul Rudd because he’s cute AND hilarious
– The boys from McFly as I love them and their music
– Monica Bellucci because Michael finds her really interesting
– Art Bell so that he could delight us with his knowledge of the weird and supernatural
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt because I love his work and find him really interesting
– Christopher Hitchens because it’d be fascinating to hear his argument with the next person,
– Alan Watts because he’s one of the few people with a deep enough knowledge of religion to argue against Hitchens (sadly, they are no longer with us)
– Freddie Mercury because he’s a legend and could entertain us all
– Peter Ustinov because he was a raconteur extraordinaire
– Napoleon because he’d be fascinating

11 Facts about me!
1. I’m from Leeds and I lived there for the first 19 years of my life, then various times in between city moves around the UK

2. I love Fimo modelling clay and I have had some for ages but I don’t quite know what to make yet. I have a feeling that when inspiration strikes that I’ll make cool things
3. The 80s are my favourite decade but then, I was born in 1978 so my childhood took place in the 80s. The music, the fashion, the films, the television. I’d go back to visit if I could!
4. My ideal job would be working with charities and community projects, helping to publicise their fundraising events
5. I cannot walk properly in high heels and I much prefer ballet pumps or trainers
6. I am a fiend for tea and Michael makes the best cups in the world!
7. My first foreign holiday was an island hopping holiday around the Greek islands Santorini, Ios and Naxos and it was amazing. I was 28!
8. I have a scar on one of my bumcheeks as I cartwheeled into a rose bush when I was about 8!
9. I love bike riding and I have a bright pink Pashley Poppy bike
10. My favourite films are Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Strictly Ballroom, She’s The Man and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.
11. I’ve been using internet since 1999, when everyone thought that the only people who went on the internet were “perverts and weirdos”. I’m glad I stuck with it!

My questions
1. If money was no object, what job would you be doing (if any?)

2. What’s your favourite colour, and why?
3. If I beemed down in an alien spaceship and wanted to be shown your favourite place, where would you take me, and why?
4. If you could meet one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
5. If you could ban one bad habit in people, what would it be and why?
6. If you had to look like any celebrity, who would it be and why?
7. What are your 5 favourite songs and why?
8. Do you have a signature dish that you are brilliant at making?
9. Which fictional detective would you most like to be and why?
10. What’s your favourite book and why?
11. What place most sticks in your mind and why?

My Nominations!


Cinema Parrot Disco

Enjoy By Paula

Fitness On Toast

Flux + Flow

Grandma Eileen’s Vintage


Nanny Cool

Nostalgia Pie

Tea With Erika

This Was Dinner

The Sunshine Award

sunshine-awardI have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely Tara at http://lovefromtara.com and I am so excited! It’s always such an honour to be nominated for an award by your peers 🙂

For the sunshine award, I have to list 11 random facts about me, then answer 11 questions given to me by Tara and then I’m supposed to come up with 11 questions for my nominees. Tara didn’t set me any questions, and I must admit that I’m the world’s worst question-asker. I usually think of things like, “what shoe size are you?” or “what’s your favourite biscuit?” so I’ll simply nominate the people who truly deserve this award, and let them ask their nominees questions if they like 🙂

11 random facts about me:
1. I’ve never watched E.T. and some people think that this is strange.
2. I love rollercoasters.
3. When I get the time (hahahahaha), I’d love to learn how to knit again. I could knit when I was 13 but I’ve totally forgotten now.
4. I’m very reluctant to wear anything other than ballet shoes which leads to wet feet in winter.
5. I once saw some stars from Emmerdale when I was working in retail and I was so starstruck that someone else had to serve them.
6. I can wear size 6, 7 or 8 shoes which makes it impossible for me to order them online.
7. One of the reasons I love winter is because I love to wear bright coloured tights 🙂
8. When it comes to alcohol, I love Malibu and coke or bacardi and coke.
9. If I won the lottery, I’d buy a holiday home in Brighton.
10. My favourite squash is Vimto.
11. I did so badly in my Maths GCSE that I had to re-sit it, and then got a worse grade. Fail.

So, to the nominees!
I love finding new music on WordPress and music has the power to make my rainy day sunny again, so with that in mind, I’m going to nominate the music blogs I love to follow 🙂
(WordPress won’t let me link the blogs so I’ll just have to give you the URLs!)

1001 Albums In 10 Years – http://1001albumsin10years.wordpress.com/
Address Of Music – http://addressofmusic.wordpress.com/
Altpeak – http://altpeek.wordpress.com/
Audio Sexxx – http://audiosexxx.com/
Backseat Mafia – http://backseatmafia.com/
J’Adore Music – http://jadoremusic89.wordpress.com/
Movies & Music Cafe – http://thomasjford.wordpress.com/
Music Insanity! http://musicinsanity.wordpress.com
Muusak – http://muusak.wordpress.com
My Life According To Me – http://mylifeaccordingtomeandmeonly.wordpress.com
Popculture7080 – http://popculture7080.wordpress.com
Re-Discover Music From Your Past – http://discoverpastmusic.wordpress.com
Ritter Records – http://ritterrecords.wordpress.com

Enjoy! 😀

The Versatile Blogger Award


I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award! A hearty thank you to Abbi at Where The Wild Things Are: http://wherethewildthingsare14.wordpress.com who nominated me. The rules for the award are to thank the person who nominated you, link back to their blog and nominate 15 bloggers who are worthy to be classified as versatile bloggers. So these are my nominees:a

  1. http://karenswritingblog.wordpress.com/
  2. http://fullerfigurefullerbust.com/
  3. http://grandmaeileensvintage.wordpress.com/
  4. http://greatestbritishsongs.wordpress.com/
  5. http://lucysfriendlyfoods.wordpress.com/
  6. http://table9mutant.wordpress.com/
  7. http://nostalgiapie.wordpress.com/
  8. http://discoverpastmusic.wordpress.com/
  9. http://shirtrater.wordpress.com/
  10. http://thecarmelapple.wordpress.com/
  11. http://thecatsonesie.wordpress.com/
  12. http://blog.thenostalgiablog.com/
  13. http://theverybesttop10.com/
  14. http://wejustwatched.com/
  15. http://seekingsanctuaryatworldsend.wordpress.com/

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award!


I have just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by lovesofalibrarian.wordpress.com so thank you Rachel, I am very excited! 🙂

If you don’t know the Versatile blogger rules, here they are:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
* Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
* Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
* Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. (I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
* Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
* Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The blogs I have chosen to nominate are:

Here are 7 facts about myself:
1. I am a size 6, 7 or 8 shoe (depending on the shoe) even though I am only 5’1″
2. My favourite live performance I went to was Sia in Leeds in 2008
3. I hate flying and can only fly if I have taken Kalms
4. I have had several pet gerbils over the years, and once we have a bigger place I will get some more
5. I have girl crushes on Jennifer Coolidge and Jessie J
6. I haven’t yet managed to finish Donkey Kong on the Wii without it completing some of the levels for me!
7. I have a Hello Kitty obsession, even though I am 34 🙂

Thank you again Rachel for nominating me! 🙂

My first ever Liebster award!


Today, I was nominated for my first ever Liebster award by Peace, Love & Great Country Music (http://peacelovegreatcountrymusic.com/). Thank you for nominating me, I’m really excited as this hasn’t happened to me before now 🙂

I didn’t really know much about what the Liebster award was, but the rules are:
1.  Copy and paste the award on your blog and thank the person who nominated you, include a link back to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you, list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees
3. Nominate 11 blogs with 200 or less followers who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

I was tasked with answering the below 11 questions before I have to volunteer 11 facts about me… *bites nails*

1. What is your favourite day of the week?
Definitely Saturday. I work Monday to Friday, so Saturday is the first full day I get to spend with Michael. And yes, we are one of those sickly couples who love to be with each other 24/7!

2. Do you prefer a radio or television?
I prefer television, as I love trash TV and music reality shows, which wouldn’t work the same way on radio. I’m really looking forward to the return of The Voice soon 🙂

3. What appliance could you not live without?
I’d say the PC or my laptop. I really do spend most of my waking life on it, and I’d be stuck if there was a power cut or something else similarly catastrophic :S

4. What is your favourite song or cd out right now?
I have two songs on loop right now: Snow Patrol “Called Out In The Dark” and The Script “Six Degrees Of Separation”. I love the video to Snow Patrol’s song, I’d love Gary and the lady director to get together as I think they make a cute couple. Plus Jack Davenport is gorgeous in it!

5. You are stranded in an elevator. Who would you not want stuck in there with you and why?
I’m a naturally chatty person, in fact I’m a bit of a babbler, so I think someone who was quiet or non-chatty would be disastrous, as I’d probably end up doing their heads in, which would add to an already bad enough situation!

6. Would you rather be a bee or a bird?
Definitely a bird. Birds are fab, it must be such a fun life being a sparrow or a robin, flying around with your mates, eating berries and worms 🙂

7. Do you prefer to rent a movie or go to the movies?
I’ve had LoveFilm for years now, so I think I’ve been spoilt by being able to stay in with a DVD. The last time I went to the cinema was to see Wild Child in 2008!

8. What is your dream occupation?
I always said that it was to work for a charity. I’ve worked for charities in the past, and I really enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction that you turning up to work today actually benefitted someone, somewhere. Now I’d say, for Michael and I to be working together full-time on the many upcoming projects he has planned 🙂

9. Do you prefer rain or snow?
Good question. I prefer rain if I’m inside, preferably with a snuggly duvet, a cup of tea and a good film to watch, but I prefer to be in snow as I’m a big kid and I love making snowballs and snowmen 🙂

10. What is your favorite quote?
Carpe diem. I had it tattooed on the back of my neck years ago, and it’s a motto I’ve always tried to live my life by.


11. If you could do one thing that you knew no one would ever find out about, what would you choose?
Ooooh, another good question! I have been sat here for ages, and I honestly can’t think of anything!

OK, onto my 11 random facts…
1. My favourite colours are pink and blue.
2. The last car I had driving lessons in was a Peugeot 307.
3. When I was in my 20’s, I was 1.5 inches taller than I am now at 34.
4. I love tea, but I don’t like coffee.
5. I have OCD, and when I tidy a room, I have to start at a doorway and clean clockwise only.
6. I love playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong, but I’m no good at 3D games, and usually I die that many times, the game offers to do the level for me…
7. I once farted so loud that I woke Michael up with a fright. So a few nights later, I deliberately waited and did it again. In my defence, he is a major prankster on me!
8. One of my favourite bands is Girls Aloud, and I have seen them live 3 times 🙂
9. I love the film Shaun Of The Dead, but in general I don’t like zombies. I prefer kittens.
10. I love riding my bike. My bike is a pink Pashley 🙂
11. I once crimped my hair when I was about 15, and because I crimped my thick fringe, everyone at youth club that evening called me Bungle from the kids TV show “Rainbow”. When I left the house, I’d thought I looked great! 😦

My 11 questions for my nominees are below:
1. If you could be a superhero for just one day, who would it be?
2. What are your 5 favourite films?
3. What food or drink could you not live without?
4. Have you ever met anyone famous?
5. Have you got anything exciting planned for 2013?
6. Where has been your favourite place to visit?
7. If you were in charge and you could get anything banned forever, what would it be?
8. Are you addicted to social media?
9. Do you have any phobias?
10. Did you want to change your name as a child?
11. Are we human, or are we dancers?

My 11 nominees are, in alphabetical order:


Have fun everyone! 😀