How hard is it to sell The Big Issue?

I spotted the below video when the Big Issue Foundation tweeted about it. I have bought the Big Issue magazine before when I have come across vendors and I knew that the vendors bought the magazines to sell on, but how many people think the vendors get them for free? As Eddie, one of the vendors in the video says, “a lot of people get the misconception that we get these for free, whereas we buy them.”

I found the below infographic on the Big Issue website which I found really interesting; there are approximately 2,000 vendors, with 500 of them in London.

The Big Issue is a great magazine and a fantastic way for people who need support to get that support while helping themselves. As the Big Issue say on their Our Objectives webpage, “we seek to ensure that our vendors have the following:”

* somewhere meaningful to call home
* access to a doctor and equality of access to health care opportunities
* the essential support that is needed to overcome addictions
* direct help with business skills to maximize independent earnings
* the crucial personal identification that opens so many doors
* access to additional financial support and secure saving opportunities
* the opportunity to re-connect with family members and loved ones

You can read about the difference the Big Issue has made to vendors by reading their stories here. The Big Issue is such an amazing idea, so if you’ve never bought one before, grab a copy the next time you see a vendor. It’s more than a magazine, you are helping someone to invest in themselves.


Archers fan from Devon ‘accidentally’ raises £22k for Refuge

I spotted this on the BBC news website earlier and I thought it was a great story.

Archers fan Paul Trueman from Devon was inspired to start a fundraising campaign on behalf of one of the characters in the Archers, Helen Titchener whose storyline is she’s being abused by her husband Rob. Paul said, “There’s a joke among Archers fans that we think it’s real, but if it was real you would go and get her. I thought ‘what if you could create a Just Giving page for a fictional person but give the money to real women who we know are in that situation? It happened accidentally really – I know there’s a huge Archers following on Twitter and once I’d shared it, it just took off.”

The initial target was originally set at £1,000, but at the time of writing (6:50pm on Sunday 7th February 2016), the current total stands at £38,875! All of the proceeds of the fundraising will go to the domestic violence charity Refuge to support real women who are sadly in Helen’s position. Such an amazing amount of money, I can’t wait to see how much they raise in total!

You can read the BBC news article here:

You can donate to ‘The Helen Titchener (nee Archer) Rescue Fund’ here:

My latest knitting project

Baby bootie 230116a
Baby bootie 230116b

As well as currently knitting a blanket for my auntie, I am also going to be knitting baby booties. I don’t have any exciting pregnancy news, I’m knitting them to be included in packs that go to hospitals and families where babies were born too soon. I enjoy knitting and it’s the least I can do. This is my first bootie and was knitted in rainbow wool as a prototype, but the actual booties will be white wool.

I’m knitting them for a branch of ‘Angel Wings Forever Dressed in Love’. They provide clothes, gowns, bonnets, nappies, shawls, blankets and teddy’s made from donated wedding dresses for babies gone too soon. You can find out more about their amazing work here:

‘Water’ way to spend your birthday

Some people like to celebrate their birthdays. Others like to retreat back into their caves of denial about their next milestone. If you’d like to help others on your special day, there’s a very special way that you can. You can pledge your birthday and help change someone’s life forever.

Take a look at the video below, it will explain everything 🙂

Stephen’s Story

I don’t know if you saw this recently, but Teenage Cancer Trust released an infographic on Twitter explaining how the £5,000,000 Stephen Sutton helped to raise before he sadly passed away will be used to benefit so many people. Stephen is a true inspiration, and it was fantastic to see social media being used in such a positive way.


Family pushing to get Cameron walking

Such an amazing cause, let’s help Cameron! 😀

Caudwell Children Blog

A Doncaster family who have only a few weeks to raise £35,000 to pay for their son’s life changing operation are doing a sponsored wheelchair push this weekend.


On Sunday 6th October at 11am Malcolm Hall and Clare Garner will walk five miles from Anchorage Lane Park, Sprotborough to the Boat Inn and back whilst pushing their seven-year-old son Cameron.

Cameron was born with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.  The condition causes a painful tightness in his legs leaving him unable to walk.  Cameron has to use a walking frame most of the time but for longer distance he has to use his wheelchair.

The family are desperately trying to raise the money so that Cameron can have a procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) at Leeds General Infirmary on 31st October.    SDR is a complicated operation which involves cutting some of the sensory nerve fibres that come…

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