I dyed my hair, erm, pink?!

So, as mentioned in my post “Tomorrow I am dyeing my hair and I am SO excited!“, I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be “Pretty Flamingo” pink, but the overall effect is kinda, orange.

I recorded the before, during and after for you all to see, so here it is!

Tomorrow I am dyeing my hair and I am SO excited!

I have been a brunette for pretty much my whole life, but at 37 years old, I do have quite a few silvery hairs at the front of my hair. Michelle says I look like a badger, lucky me, eh? So, I decided that it was time to dye my hair!

First I’m going to bleach it blonde so that the pink takes as much as possible. I’m using Manic Panic’s Volume 40 Flash Lightning Bleach Kit, which I have used before.

Then, I’ll be dyeing it Pretty Flamingo 🙂

Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo

Now, depending on how well it goes, it should come out something like one of the images below (I’m really hoping for the middle one!)

Manic Panic on Pinterest

So yeah, it’s like Christmas Eve for me right now! I’ll blog again tomorrow and show you my before, during and after photos. I’ll also be recording a video for my YouTube channel, so you’ll get to see me in sound and vision at the same time! 🙂