So hello 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂

It’s time for me to get back on the Slimming World wagon, and I really mean it this time! I was 16st 10lbs (234lbs) over Christmas, but as of this morning I am 16st 8lbs (232lbs), so a nice 2lbs loss before I really get going on the plan.

I took the below photo in the toilets (classy, I know!) at my work’s Christmas do on Friday 12th December 2014. My goal weight to get to is 12st by Saturday 12th December 2015. With the help of Slimming World, I will do this. I can’t wait to be skinnier by Christmas!


BMI calculator

In line with trying to organise my diet and eating healthy, I have been taking a look at my BMI (as scary as that is!). I have found a useful BMI calculator which also advises what calorie range you should be eating in.

Opening screen

ResultsNow, I will admit that I don’t do any exercise at all, and I live in a bungalow so I get even less exercise at home than people with stairs!

I like how it’s given me the “recommended daily calorie intake” and as I lose weight and re-calculate my BMI, the calorie range changes, so I can keep an eye out that I’m not going over or under my calories. It’s clever!

You can find the BMI calculator here: