My bucket list

There are so many things that I’d love to do and I realised that I don’t have a specific place to keep them all listed, so I figured that keeping them all on a page on my blog would make sense, as each time I actually cross something off, I’ll be blogging about it anyway! I’ll update this page with new ideas as and when, and as soon as I get to action one of them, I will blog about the experience 🙂

* Get down to 12 stones/168lbs in weight (currently stuck at 13 stones 12lbs/194lbs as of 29/01/17)

* Go vegan – ACTIONED JANUARY 2016!

* Start going to the gym 5 days a week – ACTIONED JANUARY 2017!

* Have my photograph taken on the Abbey Road crossing in London

* See One Direction live in concert (I’ve been a fan since they were formed and I’ve never been!)

* Watch more TED Talks

* Look into meditation to keep my stress levels down

* Read a book a week and review it online – PLANNED TO START JANUARY 2017!

* Have a go in a hot tub

* Knit a patchwork blanket

* Be better at remembering people’s birthdays and anniversaries

* Visit Wells in Somerset as this is where they filmed “Hot Fuzz”, which is one of my favourite films – ACTIONED CHRISTMAS 2015!

* Start growing my own herbs

* Go to the cinema with Michelle (in the whole time we’ve been together, since December 2008, we’ve never been!)

* Start making Fimo jewellery and start an Etsy store

* Get a third tattoo

* Pass my driving test (I failed 3 times in 2007 and haven’t tried again since)

* Start signing more petitions – PLANNED TO START JANUARY 2017!

* Write a romantic comedy novel – CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS!

* Walk or run a Race For Life


5 thoughts on “My bucket list

  1. I used to do fimo jewellery when I was a teenager. I wish I’d kept it up. And even though I have passed my driving test (almost 12 years now) I hardly ever drive because I am such a nervous driver and a complete hazard on the road, so that’s something I have to sort out because I really want to drive. And you’ve never been to the cinema with Michelle… tut, tut! Good luck with this bucket list – I’m sure you’ll cross tons off. Hope it’s fourth time lucky with the driving test xx

    1. Aw thanks! You should totally take up fimo again, it’s so easy to buy online nowadays. Sorry to hear that you’re a nervous driver, is there any way that you could start again? Thanks for the good luck, and we will go to the cinema – at some point! xx

      1. Well now that we’re moving to America, I’m going to have to start again as not driving over there is not really an option. And talking of America, I expect I’ll have lots of time on my hands so it might be time to give the fimo another go. I look forward to hearing what your first film was 😉 xx

      2. Now moving to America is a great reason to start taking pictures, we’re all totally going to want to know what it looks like where you are (you can’t cheat and send us to photos taken by other people on Flickr!) xx

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