My other website: Merryn Magazine

Issue 2 cover
This is my latest project and I started it properly at the start of January 2016. As exciting as reading about celebrities is, I realised that there were a lot of interesting people following me on Twitter whose stories needed to be told. I love to support independent retailers anyway, and so initially the magazine was going to be focused on retailers. I then decided to expand that to unsigned music artists, charities, community projects, basically anyone trying to follow their dream.

Issue 1 came out on 1st April and issue 2 came out on 1st July, and they have been very well received, which I am so relieved about! Issue 3 is due out on 1st October and will be the Christmas Gift Guide which will be 100 pages of amazing gift ideas, all from independent retailers!

As well as the magazine, the magazine’s website features regular posts which will eventually become daily posts.

Currently I regularly post three days a week:
MondaysIndependent Music Monday showcasing unsigned artists and bands
TuesdaysCharity Tuesday featuring UK charities, tying in with #CharityTuesday on Twitter
WednesdaysWriter Wednesday where I interview self-published authors and writers, tying in with #WriterWednesday on Twitter (first post due on Wednesday 13th July).

I also post when things interest me, or about national days such as Nutty Fudge Day! All in all, it’s a very busy website and I hope that it will grow and grow 🙂

You can read all about it here.