Manic Panic Hair Dye

I have dyed my hair a few times in the past with Manic Panic dye, I even filmed the last one and popped it on YouTube (video at the bottom).

I really really want to dye my hair again so I have been looking at the options on the Manic Panic website. I’m going on a special day out with Michelle in June so I’m going to dye my hair the weekend before.

Since I last checked out their website, they have added loads of new colours so I’m really stuck for choice. I have managed to narrow it down though 🙂

I think out of all of them, I’m most taken by Hot Hot Pink but Michelle prefers Purple Haze, but I guess all will be revealed in June! I’m so excited!

(if you click on the image, it will take you straight to the webpage for that colour if you wanted to find out more information)

Velvet Violet
Plum Passion
Deep Purple Dream
Purple Haze
Fuschia Shock
Vampire® Red
Infra™ Red
Cleo Rose™
Hot Hot™ Pink

I dyed my hair, erm, pink?!

So, as mentioned in my post “Tomorrow I am dyeing my hair and I am SO excited!“, I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be “Pretty Flamingo” pink, but the overall effect is kinda, orange.

I recorded the before, during and after for you all to see, so here it is!

Tomorrow I am dyeing my hair and I am SO excited!

I have been a brunette for pretty much my whole life, but at 37 years old, I do have quite a few silvery hairs at the front of my hair. Michelle says I look like a badger, lucky me, eh? So, I decided that it was time to dye my hair!

First I’m going to bleach it blonde so that the pink takes as much as possible. I’m using Manic Panic’s Volume 40 Flash Lightning Bleach Kit, which I have used before.

Then, I’ll be dyeing it Pretty Flamingo 🙂

Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo

Now, depending on how well it goes, it should come out something like one of the images below (I’m really hoping for the middle one!)

Manic Panic on Pinterest

So yeah, it’s like Christmas Eve for me right now! I’ll blog again tomorrow and show you my before, during and after photos. I’ll also be recording a video for my YouTube channel, so you’ll get to see me in sound and vision at the same time! 🙂

Review: Caboodle Magazine

Caboodle Magazine

I recently found out about Caboodle Magazine from Grandma Eileen’s blog post, Let’s rave about Caboodle Magazine! Admittedly I hadn’t heard of Caboodle before, but from reading Laura’s post, I was so excited to buy my copy, which I duly did, and it arrived soon after. Unfortunately, it’s been so busy at Pugh Towers recently that I’ve only just managed to finish reading it today! So now, my review can begin 🙂


I love this magazine!

Jess ReevesI loved their interview with Jess Reeves, who is the founder of Cute Club. Her collection is simply amazing. She runs the Cute Club Zine, which is available from her Etsy shop. The current issue is Volume Four which comes with a Valentines Kewpie Cut-Out. I’ll be ordering mine as I love all things kitsch 🙂


EdinburghAs mentioned in my post Places I’d love to visit with Michael earlier in the week, we’d love to visit Edinburgh in the future. I was so excited to see earlier tonight that there was a travel feature on Edinburgh! As well as the things to do I’d mentioned in my post, I have found out about so many extra things to see and do from Caboodle, not least the Vintage Bus Tour, which is a definite!


CactusAnother great feature article was with Samantha Kay, who has created Concrete Jungles. I’ve never owned a cactus before, or really any plants as I seem to have had the opposite of green fingers in the past, and the poor plants have never lasted that long 😦 But, after this article, I think I could handle a cactus. I love the designs Samantha has created and owning a cactus is now on my list of things to buy. In fact, I think that I’ve just come up with a new blog post idea…


FlamingoI’ve recently started to get back into craft, and their ‘how to’ on making a gorgeous pink flamingo got me wanting to rush straight to my local craft shop!


Aswell as the awesome things mentioned above, the magazine is chock-full of fabulous finds. As they say on their website: “Fashion – Lifestyle – Art – Design – Crafts – Recipes – Entertaining – Home – Vintage – Beauty – Travel”

They also have ‘ideas for going out and about’ and through this I’ve just found out about Jollydays, who offer glamping in North Yorkshire with “a range of fully equipped bell tents and woodcutter huts set in beautiful woodland, on the outskirts of York”. I am so there!

The magazine costs £7.00, which sounds like a lot for a magazine, but I’d say that Caboodle is less of a magazine, and more like a lifestyle bible. You definitely get value for money. Also, they only publish bi-annually. Don’t hesitate, buy it today!

I love this hairstyle!

I recently dyed my hair orange after peroxiding it blonde, but it didn’t come out exactly as I’d want it, hence no pictures of it on here! I came across this picture on Twitter and I have added this to my ‘to get when I have more money’ list 😀