National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley

Recently, me and Michael went to the National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley. It’s such a lovely place to visit, and we’re so lucky to live so near it. This is from their website:

The National Wildflower Centre is a seasonal eco-visitor attraction in Knowsley – You’ll find us 5 miles (8 km) from Liverpool city centre. We showcase our natural wildflower heritage and inspire you to create new wildflower landscapes wherever you live. Our seasonal nature displays and creative community projects raise awareness about the importance of wildflowers, and encourage people to learn about creative conservation.

All the money we raise at the Centre is put back into our creative conservation founding charity Landlife. We particularly work with people with poor access in their communities to our natural environment. Just by visiting us, you can be sure you are making a valuable contribution. We are working in close partnership with Knowsley Council ‘The Wildflower Borough’, making new landscapes for communities.

Landlife’s trading enterprise Landlife Wildflowers also grows and sells native wildflower seeds, grown on its own farm. To buy online visit Landlife Wildflowers. All proceeds from the sale of goods online also support creative conservation.

We’re a creative bunch of people – And welcoming with it! Our Centre is a mix of refurbished old buildings and new architecture that look back to our conservation past – and project positive action for now and into the future. We have a lovely Cornflower Cafe, Shop and Conference venue too, amongst historical courtyards and a former walled garden space with seasonal displays.”

It really is worth visiting, and we’ll be going again soon 🙂









National Wildflower Centre
Court Hey Park
Roby Road

L16 3NA


Feeding the ducks in Sefton Park, Liverpool

Anyone who read my earlier blog post, “Why I love reading other people’s blog posts” will know that due to my husband Michael’s brain injury we haven’t been able to go out and be touristy as it would have made him ill, and we decided it wasn’t a situation we wanted to put him in. I had mentioned in that post that we wanted to try and go out more, and today, we did!

Because our printed books came last week, I am on holiday from my day job this week so I can do book promotion and contact people about advertising. We decided that as the weather has been nice that we’d go and feed the ducks today, and I am so glad that we did! We took some photos while we were there, so enjoy!

Our first holiday pics :)

It’s way too wintry cold to go anywhere at the minute, so I thought I’d cheer myself up with a blog post reminiscing about our first ever holiday together back in March 2009. We went to Cheddar and Bristol Zoo. Cheddar is such a beautiful place, we’d definitely go again :)


While down South, we also visited Bristol Zoo, it’s a great place to visit! The fruit bats live in a custom built enclosure that you can actually walk through, and they fly above your head!

We’d love to go back to Bristol Zoo one day, it was a great day out and I highly recommend it to anyone if you’re in the area 🙂