Less than 16 weeks to go!

But, to what you may ask! Well, it’s my 38th birthday in November and I am planning on going somewhere really fun and important to me, but I can’t tell you where yet as it’s top secret!

Sadly our car stopped working on Monday and we don’t have the money to get it fixed yet, so for now I am walking to work, which is 2.3 miles. There and back gives me exercise of 4.6 miles a day, which takes about an hour each way, so two hours in total. It was day 1 yesterday, which went fine, but I was so stiff when I got up today!

I’m currently 14st 8lbs so I’m hoping to lose a couple of stones with all of the walking (I only eat 1500 calories of healthy vegan food each day so hopefully it should be easy!), I’m hoping to be around the 12st mark by the big day.

Wish me luck! 🙂


And so the exercise commences!

Earlier this evening, myself, Michael and our teenage nephew went for a walk around our local park. None of us are particularly fit, so we planned on just doing a short walk to start with. This ended up being a 2 mile/1 hour walk in the end! As mentioned in my previous post So hello 2015!, I’m trying to lose between 4 and 5 stones by Christmas, so we’re definitely on our way now. I can’t wait to go walking again, which is something that I’d never thought I’d hear myself say!